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Are you leveraging the power of puzzles to support students' vocabulary building skills? Use this 4-set collection of ate family and rhyming words to engage student's brains while supporting vocabulary building, visual acuity and fine motor skill development.

A unique list of ate family words has been randomized for the different sets of puzzles.

Here are the word searches included in this set:

l. Word search puzzles - standard 9x9 grid
2. Word search puzzles using a list of words scrambled. Students need to unjumble the words before finding them in the grid
3. Word search puzzles where the list of ate family words have been removed from the word bank. Students use their current base of knowledge of ate family words to locate words hidden in the grid. Then, they record the list of words in the space provided under the grid.
4. Word search puzzles that use clues for students to solve. Next, they find the words hidden in the grid.

These brain teasers are suitable for homeschooling environments, early elementary and primary classrooms and classrooms supporting English language learners.

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Happy Easter!

The team at Learn With Puzzles wishing everyone a wonderful and Happy Easter! To get ready and have fun at the same down, download and print puzzles to take outside and enjoy the sunshine, get some fresh air and engage the brain!

Here are the link to get the kids engaged with the Easter Theme: Easter Puzzles Collection!

Remember to check back often for puzzle updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle