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Do you leverage the power of brain teaser puzzles to support students' vocabulary building skills? Use this collection of word search puzzles, specific to the aw word family and rhyming words, to engage students' brains while making learning fun. Puzzles use the same list of ay word family words, except that the list has been randomized.

This word search collection includes:
l. List of ay family words using the standard 9x9 grid
2. List of ay family words with a list of scrambled words. Students need to unjumble the words before finding them in the grid
3. List of ay family words word search puzzle where the list of words is missing
4. List of ay family words word search puzzles with clues that need to be solved, before finding them in the grid.

Brain teaser puzzles support brain health while leverage learning of vocabulary and are suitable for homeschooling environments, early elementary and primary classrooms and classrooms supporting English language learners.

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