Bible Puzzles

Here is the category for Bible puzzles. There are 66 books in the Bible; divided into the old and new testaments. Other brain teasers include puzzles for lists of bible words and stories of the Bible.

Puzzle types in this category may include:
- regular word search puzzles or varying degrees of complexity and differentiation
- word angle puzzles which are regular word searches with a twist! Most puzzles include one right angle turn in the letter paths.
- word maze puzzles are similar to regular word searches except that the letter paths form a maze within the grid. There puzzles with letter paths that cross and letter paths that do NOT cross. These latter puzzles add to the challenge as it activates problem solving strategies in order to complete them.
- word shapes puzzles help primary students build vocabulary and consolidate spelling

All puzzles foster a collaborative and cooperative classroom when kids work together to complete the puzzles.