Are you looking for educator and care-giver lesson plan and choice board resources to support differentiated and independent learning about landforms? Category of puzzles includes subcategories:

l. Crossword and crossword like puzzles
2. Other puzzle varieties - matching, scrambled letters (under development: cryptograms, cryptolists)
3. Word searches of multiple varieties - regular word searches (regular/scrambled letter word clues with and without letter hints); word angle puzzles (regular/scrambled letters word clues with/without letter hints); word maze puzzles (with/without letter paths on the diagonal)

Here are some choice board activity ideas to include when working with these puzzles. Use the list of landform words to:
l. INSPIRE innovation: students create multi-media presentations around engineering a 3D model of a landform.
2. ENGAGE problem solving strategies: kids create their own puzzles: word searches, matching, crosswords, scrambled letters puzzles.
3. FOSTER creativity: kids to create treasure maps using ANY of a number of landforms as their locale. Encourage out-of-the-box thinking. For example: treasure map might include exploring the INSIDE of a glacier, volcano, or along the shores of an archipelago.

Answers included in the file download.