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Earth Space Word Searches

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan activities and resources for Earth Space Science? Here is a collection of word search puzzles of multiple varieties, which also include differentiation to support learners. Include puzzles in your choice board activities grid to augment programming! This group of puzzles suits students in grades 4,5,6, home schooling environment and as a tutoring resource.

Puzzles in this category include:
l. word search puzzles: regular and scrambled letter clues - with and without letter hints
2. word search puzzles: hidden words - with and without letter hints
3. wordangle puzzles: regular and scrambled letter clues - with and without letter hints
4. word maze puzzles: regular and scrambled letter clues - without and with diagonal letter paths

Puzzles support distance and differentiated learning, while providing students the opportunity to work independently. Puzzles make learning fun without the kids even knowing it!

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Father's Day!

Where does the time go? Now, we are gearing up for Father's Day! Here are some fun and engaging puzzles to share with kids at home! Father's Day Puzzles. Six categories available!

We continue to grow! Our 84 Earth Space Puzzles Collection has all be catalogued and can be found here: Earth Space Word Searches.