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all Word Family Activity

Why is vocabulary building in the early years important for learning? Vocabulary building is critical for learning how to read, learning how to write, and learning how to communicate with others. Use word search puzzles to help consolidate this vocabulary.

What makes this word search more challenging is that the list of -all words is absent. Students must solve the puzzle by using their current knowledge of -all word family words and then find them hidden in the grid. Next they need to record the list in the space provided.

This word search puzzle is a great addition to the differentiated classroom in early primary classrooms, homeschool classrooms and in classrooms where students are acquiring english-as-a-second-language


Hope that everyone is keeping safe! Time travels so quickly it seems, and here we are coming up to Thanksgiving in Canada and then Halloween at the end of October! Have fun completing puzzles from the Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en collections found here: Thanksgiving Puzzles | Thanksgiving Word Searches | Hallowe'en Puzzles.

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Melissa and Doug