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Back to School Crossword Challenge()
Back to School Crossword Challenge

This back to school crossword puzzle is sure to get students geared up for a new school year.

To solve the puzzle first look for fill-in-the-blanks. These clues tend to be the easiest to solve. Then look for words that might provide easier clues to answers. For example: words like opposite of..., another word for..., plural of...

Another clue to watch for is a group of similar objects or topics listed in the clue. What is common among the words?

Remember that the verb tense in the answer needs to match the verb tense in the clue. It's the same with part of speech. If the clue is a noun, then the answer will be a noun.

Happy Holidays!

Happy December! This past month as been busy with making sure that our collection of Christmas themed puzzles continue to grow.

Here are direct links to our Christmas puzzles, including our most recent category of word searches and word search-like puzzles. They have been uploaded and are being actively catalogued as quickly as possible: Christmas Puzzles.

Christmas Word Searches

Remember to check back often for updates.

New Arrival  Portillon puzzle