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Puzzle That Uses Clues()
Puzzle That Uses Clues

This back to school crossword puzzle uses a number of clues that are fill-in-the-blank clues. This helps jump start the solution to the crossword. Remember that if there are two blanks in the clue, then the answer will include two words. The part of speech in the answer will match the part of speech in the clue.

Puzzles support brain health and help to keep kids' brains engaged while getting them to grow and develop problem solving strategies as they work through the puzzle solution.


Hope that everyone is keeping safe! Time travels so quickly it seems, and here we are coming up to Thanksgiving in Canada and then Halloween at the end of October! Have fun completing puzzles from the Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en collections found here: Thanksgiving Puzzles | Thanksgiving Word Searches | Hallowe'en Puzzles.

Check back often for updates!

Melissa and Doug