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ESL - Back To School Puzzle #16()
ESL -  Back To School Puzzle #16

ESL - Back To School Puzzle #16 For Google Apps
ESL -  Back To School Puzzle #16

Are you an educator looking for printable or Google quizzes resources to support back to school? Here is a fun and engaging printable crossword puzzle and Google quiz, that supports both introducing a topic or assessing knowledge and understanding.

Engaging puzzle supports all learning environments:
-distance learning
-hybrid learning
-in-person learning
-as a tutoring resource

Gets kid's brains engaged while having them use problem solving strategies to arrive at the correct answer.

Puzzle also supports early elementary grade classrooms, struggling readers, students in earlier grades (differentiated instruction) as well as students using English as a second language.

This puzzle engages students' brains while activating problem solving strategies needed to solve the puzzle.

For the printed version, using the across and down clues and the list of words in the word bank, record the correct answer in the numbered grid. First look for blank lines in any of the clues, which suggest that you need to fill-in-the-blank. Record the correct words in the numbered grid. Next, look for words that suggest an easy answer. For example: Opposite of 'yes'. Opposite of 'open'. Plural of 'fox'. Synonym for 'cat'. When solving for the remaining clues, use any letter intersections as cues to the solution. The list of 10 words in the word bank also supports puzzle completion.

For the Google quiz, choose the BEST answer for each clue.