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Brain Teaser BTS Puzzle()
Brain Teaser BTS Puzzle

Are you an Educator looking for lesson plan ideas for back to school? Here is a word search resource that will engage students in active problem solving. Because there is no list of words, students need to try a number of strategies in order to solve the puzzle.

Have students record the list of words in the space provided.

Other lesson plan ideas include:
~ list the words in reverse alphabetical order
~ students scramble the letters in each word, then create a word search using one of the grids found here: blank word search grids
~ print each word in a sentence

Back to School!

Are you an Educator looking for resources and lesson plan activities for back to school? Check out the link for bts crossword found here: bts crossword.

Remember that our Summer Activities Puzzle Collection is still found here: Summer Time Fun.

Check back often for updates.

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