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BTS Brain Teaser()
BTS Brain Teaser

Looking for a BTS brain teaser resource? Use this scrambled letters word search puzzle to engage students as they return to school for another academic year. Students love word search puzzles so this type of brain teaser fits perfectly with lesson planning.

To solve the puzzle, students need to rearrange the letters before locating the words hidden in the grid. Have the work together to reach the solution.

Reminders that the number of letters in multiple word clues does not necessary represent the true number of letters in the clues.

For example: the word clue, 'free time', my be represented with scrambled letters that look like, 'eet meifr'.

Happy Holidays!

Happy December! This past month as been busy with making sure that our collection of Christmas themed puzzles continue to grow.

Here are direct links to our Christmas puzzles: Christmas Puzzles.

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