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Word Search Engages the Brain()
Word Search Engages the Brain

Looking for teacher resources for back-to-school? Here is a scrambled letters word search puzzle to engage students' brains as they use problem solving strategies to solve the puzzle. They first must rearrange the letters in the word clues to reveal the words. Next, they need to locate the words hidden in the grid. The brain compares what it sees on the page with what is knows about back-to-school vocabulary and then rearranges the letters until what they see on the page makes sense.

To help students solve the puzzle, remind them that the scrambled letters in the multiple word clues do not always represent the number of letters in each word.

For example: the clue: 'paper clip' might have the letters scrambled to look like: 'apcerlp ip'.

Happy Holidays!

Happy December! This past month as been busy with making sure that our collection of Christmas themed puzzles continue to grow.

Here are direct links to our Christmas puzzles: Christmas Puzzles.

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