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Word Search for Back-to-School()
Word Search for Back-to-School

Are you looking for word search puzzles to jump start kids' engagement for back to school? Here is a scrambled letters word search puzzle that activates problem solving skills, while engaging the brain in a fun and interactive way.

To solve the puzzle, students must first rearrange the letters in the clues to reveal the words hidden in the grid. Remember that the scrambled letters in a multiple word clue does not always represent the number of letters in each word.

For example: the clue: 'pencil crayons' made be scrambled to look like, 'syar plcenicron'.

Have students work together to solve the puzzle which helps to foster a cooperative classroom.

Back to School!

Are you an Educator looking for resources and lesson plan activities for back to school? Check out the link for bts crossword found here: bts crossword.

Remember that our Summer Activities Puzzle Collection is still found here: Summer Time Fun.

Check back often for updates.

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