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BHM Word Maze Puzzle #13()
BHM Word Maze Puzzle #13

Are you looking for engaging, integrative Black History Month resources for your classroom? Support student programming with this BHM word maze puzzle. Brain teaser is suitable for students in grades 5-8 home school environments and other classrooms. Puzzle engages the brain while activating multiple problem solving strategies!

Here are 5 words included in this puzzle: President, dream, historical, suffrage

To solve the word maze, students can work cooperatively with a peer to:
- locate the start bubble/circled letter
- trace the letter path (letters in the word clue are hidden in all 8 directions)
- at the end of the word clue locate the first letter of the next word
- repeat steps 2-3 to completely solve the puzzle

Letter paths cross because words are hidden in all 8 directions. To foster a collaborative classroom encourage students to work together to solve this brain teaser.

To track progress, have students cross off each word clue as letter paths are traced. Use differentiated instruction as needed.