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BHM Word Maze Puzzle #14()
BHM Word Maze Puzzle #14

Are you an educator looking for interactive and energizing Black History Month resources for your classroom? Here is a BHM word maze puzzle suitable for students in grades 5-8 home school environments and other classrooms. Puzzle engages the brain while activating multiple problem solving strategies!

Here are 5 words included in this puzzle: hope, unconstitutional, racism, segregation

To solve the word maze, students:
- locate the start bubble/circled letter
- trace the letter path (letters in the word clue are hidden in all 8 directions)
- at the end of the word clue locate the first letter of the next word (careful, as this can be a challenge)
- repeat steps 2-3 to completely solve the puzzle (there should be a maze like pattern once all letter paths are traced)

Letter paths cross because words are hidden in all 8 directions. Have students work cooperatively to solve the puzzle.

Track progress by crossing off each word clue as letter paths are traced. Use differentiated instruction as needed.