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BHM Word Search Puzzle #09()
BHM Word Search Puzzle #09

BHM Word Search Puzzle #09 For Google Apps
BHM Word Search Puzzle #09

Looking for engaging and interactive educator lesson plan resources to support your Black History Month programming? This 25 word word search puzzle is suitable for students in grades 5-8. Puzzle supports home school, tutoring, English language learners and differentiated classrooms including hybrid and distance learning environments.

Available in both Google apps and PDF versions.

Solve the puzzle
-review the words below the grid
-locate each word hidden in the grid
-trace the letter paths
-letter paths travel horizontally, vertically and diagonally in all 8 directions
-track progress by crossing off each word as it is found

Some lesson plan activities include:
- use to introduce the Black History Month theme
- include puzzle in the literacy center
- use list of 25 words as writing prompts
- list the words in reverse alphabetical order
- have students create their own word search puzzle to share with a friend to solve

Puzzles support brain health, activate problem solving while engaging students in a fun learning environment. They are learning without them even knowing it!