Boggle Game For Kids-01

Boggle Game For Kids-01

Boggle Game For Kids-01 For Google Apps
Boggle Game For Kids-01

Engaging and fun way for kids to 'play with words'! This 3x3 Boggle game board is great for young kids as they are learning their words, practising their spelling and wanting to have fun at the same time.

To solve the Boggle puzzle:
l. review the letters in the grid
2. use as list of primary words, if you wish, for kids to compare to
3. record the words on the lines
4. letters in the words must be beside or on the diagonal.

For example:
The word 'soft': all letters are traced s-o-f-t
But, the letter | l | in the word 'lost' is not beside the letter | o |.

Boggle puzzle available in both printable and Google Apps™ formats.