Boggle Game for Kids-13

Boggle Game for Kids-13

Boggle Game for Kids-13 For Google Apps
Boggle Game for Kids-13

Are you an educator looking for fun ways to engage kids in learning without them knowing? This Boggle game engages kids' brains to help build vocabulary, support spelling and engage problem solving strategies.

To solve the puzzle:
l. review the letters in the 3x3 grid
2. use a sample Grade 1-2 word list as a reference
3. record the words in the spaces provided making sure that the letters are beside each other, including on the diagonal

l. review the letters in the grid
2. use the letters from the grid to record words, but the letters can be in any location in the grid
3. REMEMBER: letters can only be used the number of times they appear in the grid

1. work with a partner to see how many words you can find within a fixed time limit

Boggle game for kids is available in both printable and Google Apps™ formats.