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Books of the Bible-Wordangle-08()
Books of the Bible-Wordangle-08

Are you looking for educational resources to support classroom programming about books of the Bible? Word search puzzle with a twist in its solution! Most words have a right hand turn in their letter paths. That's what gives this puzzle its name: wordangle puzzle

Additional challenge of having scrambled letters for each word clue.

Solve the puzzle using the following steps:
1. unscramble the letters in each word clue to reveal the words hidden in the grid
2. locate the hidden words
3. trace the letter paths, remembering to watch for the right hand turn
4. cross off each word clue

Ideas for using brain teaser puzzles in the classroom:
1. have students work together to solve the puzzle: fosters cooperation and collaboration
2. have students create their own word searches to exchange with friends to solve
3. put list of words in reverse alphabetical order


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