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Books of the Bible-Wordangle-09()
Books of the Bible-Wordangle-09

Looking for classroom resources for books of the Bible? This word search puzzle with an interesting twist, called a wordangle puzzle, engages students' brains while activating problem solving strategies to complete the puzzle. Most hidden words in this type of word search puzzle have a right hand turn in their letter paths. That's what gives this puzzle its name: wordangle puzzle.

The additional challenge of having scrambled letters for each word clue further makes this a fun and interactive brain teaser!

Solve the puzzle by following these steps:
1. first unscramble the letters in each word clue to reveal the list of hidden words
2. next, locate each of the hidden words
3. then, trace each letter path, remembering to watch for the right angled turn
4. finally, cross off each word clue (this helps to keep track of your progress)

Here are a few ideas of how to use puzzles in the classroom:
1. use the list of words as writing prompts: put words in sentences; write a narrative; write a description of the events that occur in the Bible; recall what students know about the word clue
2. encourage students to create their own word searches to exchange with friends to solve (see link below)
3. foster cooperation and collaboration within the classroom by having students work together to solve the puzzle

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