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Books of the Bible-Word Maze-01()
Books of the Bible-Word Maze-01

Are you looking for educator lesson plan activities and resources to support students learning about books of the Bible? This word maze puzzle is a word search puzzle where the hidden words are linked to create a maze when their letter paths are connected. That is why they call them word maze puzzles.

Solve this free, downloadable puzzle using these steps:
- first review the list of word clues (there are 19 word clues)
- next, start the word maze puzzle at the circled letter (this is the first letter of one of the word clues)
- then, trace the letter path of the beginning word (remember that the letter path can travel up, down, forwards, backwards or diagonally)
- as the letter path of one word is found, locate the starting letter of the next word and continue tracing its path line
- continue this process, until all words are found (remember path lines can go in all directions BUT do not cross)
- in this puzzle, the path lines do not cross
- finally, as words are found, cross them off the list to track progress

Other ideas for using puzzles in the classroom include:
- use to introduce Bible unit
- put list of words in alphabetical order
- word clues can be used as writing prompts (use in sentences; story writing; recall events that occurred in that section of the Bible)
- organize the words into various categories (e.g. person/place/thing)
- foster a collaborative and cooperative classroom by having students work together to solve the puzzle

Happy March!

Past the half way mark for March and our new category of Chemistry Vocabulary puzzles is complete.

The collection includes multiple varieties of word search puzzles found here: Periodic Table Vocabulary Word Searches.

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