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Books of the Bible-Word Maze-05()
Books of the Bible-Word Maze-05

Here is a teacher activity and lesson plan resource to support students learning about the Bible. This word maze puzzle is a word search puzzle that includes 19 hidden words that are linked together to create a maze when their path lines are connected. That is why they are called word maze puzzles.

Use the following steps to solve this word maze:
1. review the list of word clues to engage the brain in terms of what to look for
2. locate the circled letter as the starting point (circled letter is the first letter of one of the word clues)
3. trace the letter path of the hidden word (path lines can travel up, down, forwards, backwards or diagonally)
4. as the letter path of this word is found, locate the starting letter of the next word and continue tracing its path line
5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until all letter paths are complete (remember path lines can go in all directions and the paths DO cross which adds to the complexity)
6. track your progress by drawing a line through each word clue

Here are some other ideas for using puzzles in the classroom:
- use puzzles to introduce topics, themes, concepts
- put the words in alphabetical order
- use the list of word clues in your literacy centers as support for: narrative writing, descriptive writing, recall events that occurred in the Bible
- organize the list of words using a variety of criteria (e.g. person/place/thing)
- foster a collaborative and cooperative classroom by having students work together to solve the puzzle

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