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Books of the Bible-Word Maze-06()
Books of the Bible-Word Maze-06

Looking for educator activity and lesson plan resource to support students learning about the Bible? This word maze puzzle is a word search puzzle that includes 19 Bible books, hidden in the grid, that are connected to one another through their letter paths. When the letter paths are connected, they create a maze. Hence the name, word maze puzzle.

To solve this word maze:
- first, review the list of word clues to activate the brain for what to look for
- next, locate the circled letter as the starting point for the first path line (circled letter is the first letter of one of the word clues)
- then, trace the letter path of the hidden word (path lines can travel up, down, forwards, backwards or diagonally)
- as the letter path of this word is found, locate the starting letter of the next word and continue tracing its path line
- finally, repeat steps 3 and 4 until all letter paths are complete (remember path lines can go in all directions and the path lines DO cross which adds to the puzzle's complexity)
- remember to track your progress by drawing a line through each word clue. This eliminates the choices, which ultimately helps with solving the puzzle

Looking for other ideas for including puzzles in the classroom?
Here are a few things that you can try:
1. use puzzles to introduce a Bible unit
2. put the words in reverse alphabetical order
3. have students create their own word search puzzles to share with friends and solve
4. organize the list of words using a variety of criteria (e.g. person/place/thing)

Happy March!

Past the half way mark for March and our new category of Chemistry Vocabulary puzzles is complete.

The collection includes multiple varieties of word search puzzles found here: Periodic Table Vocabulary Word Searches.

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