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Books of the Bible-Word Maze-12()
Books of the Bible-Word Maze-12

Why are puzzles used in the classroom? Puzzles provide a fun, interactive and engaging lesson plan resource for educators. Puzzles complement home school and differentiated classroom programming.

Books of the Bible word maze puzzle includes a list of 19 word clues, where letters in the word clues are scrambled. To unjumble the letters engages students' brains and activates their problem solving strategies. Puzzles have the added bonus of fostering cooperative and collaborative classrooms, as they provide opportunities for students to work together.

Solve the Puzzle
1. reveal the list of hidden words by unscrambling the letters in each word clue
2. locate the circled letter (this is the first letter of one word clue)
3. trace the letter path of the first hidden word (path lines can travel up/down, forwards/backwards, and diagonally)
4. locate the starting letter of the next word and continue to trace its path line
5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until all letter paths are complete (path lines DO cross)
6. track progress by drawing a line through each word clue (helps to eliminate choices)

Use puzzles in the classroom:
1. to introduce a themed unit
2. use vocabulary list as writing prompts in literacy centers
3. provide support for visual acuity and hand-eye coordination

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