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19 Books of the Bible Puzzle()
19 Books of the Bible Puzzle

Here is a lesson plan activity to support teaching books of the Bible to kids. This word search puzzle includes a list of 19 books, including John, Peter and Genesis.

To solve word search puzzle:
- locate each word clue hidden in the grid
- trace each letter path to complete the puzzle
- letter paths can travel in all directions: horizontally, vertically or diagonally

Other lesson plan activity ideas:
- have students work together to solve the puzzle - fosters collaboration and cooperation
- use puzzle to introduce 19 books of the old and new testaments
- put the words in alphabetical order
- use word clues as writing prompts for narratives, descriptive writing or letter writing
- create a list of stories for Bible books. Then, have students match the stories with where they are found in the Bible

Use blank word search grids to create new word searches: word search grid

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