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Hidden Bible Word Search()
Hidden Bible Word Search

Are you looking for educator lesson plan activities for Books of the Bible? Here is a hidden words word search puzzle that that is differentiated to support students. Suitable for home schooling and classroom environments.

Brainstorm words that might be included in the word search. Use circled letters to locate the hidden words. Circled letters are the first letters in each word. Trace the letter paths and then record the words in the space provided.

Other lesson plan ideas might include:
~ using words as writing prompts
~ students creating their own word search puzzles, with first scrambling the letters in word clues, and then exchanging with friends to solve
~ matching found words with a list of stories that are found in the Bible

Link to the the blank word search grids: word search grid

Happy March!

Past the half way mark for March and our new category of Chemistry Vocabulary puzzles is complete.

The collection includes multiple varieties of word search puzzles found here: Periodic Table Vocabulary Word Searches.

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