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Books of the Bible Word Shapes()
Books of the Bible Word Shapes

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan activities and resources for Books of the Bible? Word shapes puzzle supports classroom programming. Help students: build vocabulary, consolidate spelling, develop fine motor skills and support problem solving strategies development. Use puzzle to engage students in learning in a fun way.

To solve puzzle first compare the list of word clues with the letter patterns in each question. Next, fill in the blanks with the correct letters.

There are 8 books of the Bible in this puzzle:
Proverbs, Hebrews, Habakkuk, 1 Timothy, Ecclesiastes, Jeremiah, 2 Thessalonians, Lamentations

Other lesson plan activities:
~ VOCABULARY: use puzzle to introduce unit about books of the Bible
~ LANGUAGE: use words in sentences
~ LANGUAGE: students create their own word searchesword

Here is the link to our collection of blank word searches: word search grid


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