Chemistry Vocab Word Search #03

Chemistry Vocab Word Search #03

Are you looking for high school resources to support critical thinking and chemistry vocabulary? Here is a vocabulary word search puzzle that uses vocabulary found in the periodic table, but does not include the element names.

How to solve the puzzle:
-first, review the list of words
-next, locate the circled letter, which is the starting letter for each hidden word
-then, trace the letter paths
-finally, track progress by crossing of each word as it is found in the grid

Other lesson plan activity ideas:
l. put the list of words in alphabetical order
2. define words found in the list
3. organize the words into categories, based on any number of parameters, and be prepared to defend the rationale

Puzzle suitable for students in senior and high school grades 9-12, home school environments and as a tutoring resource.

Note: puzzle differentiated (letter hints/start bubbles) to support instruction