Chemistry Vocab Hidden Word Search #01

Chemistry Vocab Hidden Word Search #01

Are you looking for a fun, interactive critical thinking teacher resource for chemistry class? This chemistry vocabulary hidden word word search puzzle includes a list of 25 chemistry words related to the periodic table. This list does not include the names of the elements. Puzzle is differentiated to support learning.

To solve the puzzle:
1. first, engage the brain by first brain storming possible chemistry words included in the word search
2. next, locate the circled letters, which are the beginning letters for each hidden word
3. then, trace the letter paths for words hidden in the grid
3. finally, record the words in the space provided

Other lesson plan ideas:
l. put the list of words in alphabetical order
2. define the words discovered in the word search
3. have students complete puzzles from the collection of Chemistry-Periodic Table puzzles, found here: Chemistry Periodic Table puzzles) and have them make connections between the the list of vocab words and periodic table elements

Puzzle is suitable for:
- students in senior and high school grades 9-12,
- home school environments
- as a tutoring resource and
- review of periodic table concepts and vocabulary for university students