Chemistry Vocab Word Maze #02

Chemistry Vocab Word Maze #02

Looking for educator resources to activate students' problem solving skills grades 9-12? Here is an academic chemistry vocabulary word maze puzzle that includes a list of 20 word clues. Word paths do not cross each other. Rather, this word search-like puzzle creates a maze like structure using the list of academic words.

To solve the puzzle:
l. 'engage' the brain by first reviewing the complete list of 20 words
2. trace the letter paths which travel vertically, horizontally, forwards, backwards
3. there are no diagonal letter paths
4. letter paths do not cross
5. track progress, by checking off the words

Lesson plan resource ideas:
1. have students use this list of words to create their personal word search puzzles to exchange with peers to solve [blank word search grid link, below]
2. support self-directed, independent learning with this idea: create a unique critical thinking skills activity by having students make connections between this list of chemistry words and elements of the periodic table [periodic table of elements puzzles found here: Chemistry-Periodic Table puzzles]; e.g. categorize information between the two word lists, match vocab with elements of the periodic table
3. encourage students to spell the chemistry vocabulary using periodic table symbols [e.g. B Ra I N - Boron, Radium, Iodine, Nitrogen]
4. foster collaborative and cooperative learning environments: have students work together on activity #2

Blank word search grids link: blank word searches.

Benefits of puzzles in the classroom:
1. supports brain health
2. engages critical thinking skills
3. helps to improve memory
4. activates problem solving skills
5. fosters cooperative and collaborative learning environments when students work together to solve the puzzles
6. consolidates spelling of the more challenging academic words
7. supports visual acuity