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Earth Science Freeform Puzzle()
Earth Science Freeform Puzzle

Are you a teacher looking for resources for earth science? Here is a freeform crossword puzzle to engage the brain, consolidate spelling and help with vocabulary building.

To solve the puzzle, students need to fill in the blanks with the words based on the number of letters in each word. Start with a word that has the least number or most number of letters, or a word where it's the only word in its category.

What's New?

This month we are excited to bring on a new kind of brain teaser, or, game. They are BINGO games with a twist! These games include words and not numbers. Watch students have fun and know that kids are learning even if they don't know it.

Here is a direct link to the Hallowe'en BINGO Game section: Hallowe'en BINGO Games.

Here is the link to the main BINGO Game page: BINGO Games

Check back often for updates.

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