Earth Space Crosspatch-03

Earth Space Crosspatch-03

Earth Space Crosspatch-03 For Google Apps
Earth Space Crosspatch-03

Are you an educator looking for fun, interactive lesson plan ideas and resources for Earth Space? Here is a crosspatch puzzle that includes a list of 12 space word clues.

Puzzle is available as downloadable puzzle to print and in Google apps format.

Solve the Puzzle
1. Fill in the blanks with the word clues.
2. Start with word clues that have the most number or the least number of letters in the words. No letter hints provided.
3. Then, fill in the blanks. Look for intersection points for letters and then fill in the blanks.
4. Continue until the puzzle is complete.

Choice Board Activity Ideas
1. Have students create their own unique word search puzzles using blank word search grids (see link below). Share with someone to solve.
2. Get students to engineer 3D models of one of the earth space words in the list.
3. Engage kids with 'What If?' questions: What if the Milky Way did not exist? Then what? Explain your thinking.

Link to word search grid: word search grid