Earth Space Scrambled Letters-09

Earth Space Scrambled Letters-09

Earth Space Scrambled Letters-09 For Google Apps
Earth Space Scrambled Letters-09

Why use puzzles to support learning? Puzzles are a great way to engage critical thinking skills while making learning fun without the kids knowing it. Here is an earth space puzzle that includes a list of 12 scrambled space words. Puzzle is suitable for students in grades 4,5,6, home schools and as a tutoring resource. This interactive brain teaser also suits distance, blended, and independent learning.

Free as downloadable puzzle to print and/or the copy file to your computer for the Google Apps version.

Solve the Puzzle
1. Rearrange the letters to determine the correct spelling.
2. Record the correct spelling of the word, or words, on the blank line beside the word.
3. Note that some word clues might have 2 or more words, but this is not reflected in the clue. Remember to print each word separately and include capital letters where needed.
4. Continue until the puzzle is complete.

Choice Board Activity Ideas
1. Kids love creating puzzles! Especially word search puzzles. Have them create any number of word search puzzles using a variety of blank word search grids, which can be found at the link below. Then, share with someone to solve.
2. Have students substitute letters for numbers. Consolidate math concepts (operations), by having them practise adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing, where possible, using the digits in each word.
3. Encourage kids to engineer a 3D model using one of the space words in the list. Remember to record purpose, materials used, procedure, challenges, observations: what worked/what didn't work, reflections, next steps.

Link to word search grid: word search grid