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eep Word Family Activity

How do scrambled letters support learning? Use this eep word family word search puzzle, with scrambled letters for each word, to engage students' brains as they work to unjumble the words letters to make sense of the word. Once the students have unscrambled the letters, they locate the words in the grid. This strategy supports learning in a number of ways. The first way is by engaging students' brains as it works to compare what it sees (scrambled letters) with what it knows (member of the word family). Scrambled letters in word searches support learning because the brain loves letter and word patterns, so, as it searches for the correct answer, more and more connections are being made in order to solve the puzzle.


Hope that everyone is keeping safe! Time travels so quickly it seems, and here we are coming up to Thanksgiving in Canada and then Halloween at the end of October! Have fun completing puzzles from the Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en collections found here: Thanksgiving Puzzles | Thanksgiving Word Searches | Hallowe'en Puzzles.

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Melissa and Doug