ell Word Family Activity

ell Word Family Activity

How can Educators use puzzles as an assessment tool? There are a few ways this can be achieved. One way to use this ell word family word find puzzle is to have students solve the puzzle before starting the unit on the word family. As a formative assessment tool, this helps provide a baseline of students' current knowledge. The challenge with this, however, is that students need to know the knowledge behind the clues. For example, meaning of the words: opposite, plural, synonym. This becomes particularly relevant with students acquiring English as a second language.

A second way to use this word search puzzle is to include it as part of the vocabulary building instruction. As students work through answering the crossword like clues, Educators identify learning gaps which helps inform instruction.

A third way to use this brain teaser is to use it as a summative assessment tool. Educators give the word search brain teaser to students at the end of the unit study.
This too, helps inform instruction.