End of Year Crosspatch #02

End of Year Crosspatch #02

End of Year Crosspatch #02 For Google Apps
End of Year Crosspatch #02

Here is a crosspatch puzzle to help with end of year classroom and home school activities.

To solve this challenge puzzle students need to fill in the blanks with these list of words:
-pail and shovel
-hula hoops

To problem solve the first entry, start by finding the longest and/or shortest words. In this case, there are 2 words that are 13 letters long. But, there is only one word that contains 11 letters. Use 'temperature' to start completing the puzzle.

From there, locate letters that intersect with other words at those particular intersection point.

Crosspatch puzzles activate problem solving strategies, consolidate spelling and help with growth and development of vocabulary building skills.

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning. Available in downloadable PDF and google apps versions.