End of Year Freeform #08

End of Year Freeform #08

End of Year Freeform #08 For Google Apps
End of Year Freeform #08

Challenge the brain with this end of school year freeform crossword puzzle. Keep students engaged until the end of year with fun puzzles that not only help with ongoing learning of spelling and learning new vocabulary, but increasing the problem solving strategies and practising fine motor skills without them being aware.

This puzzle is suitable for distance learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning. Available in downloadable PDF and google apps formats.

Solve the freeform puzzle by first filling in the blanks with words that contain the letter hints in that location in the word.

Next, look for intersections of letter with other words in the word bank.

Continue until all the blanks have been filled in.

If there is a time when kids are stuck, then have them see if there is only one word in a category and then fill in those blanks in the grid.