End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #01

End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #01

End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #01 For Google Apps
End of Year Wordangle Puzzle #01

Here is an end of year wordangles puzzle to support vocabulary building, consolidation of spelling of theme based words and activate problem solving strategies.

Puzzles support brain health and with this 'word search puzzle with a right angled twist' for most words adds variety to students' understanding of word searches.

Words can go north, south, west, and east either forwards or backwards. Most words will contain one right angle.

Suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-person and virtual learning) and in-person learning, this end of year puzzle is available in downloadable PDF and google apps versions.

As an extension activity, hide the 20 words in the word bank, locate the start bubbles, trace the letter paths to the final solution. Either circle the word, or stroke out the letters.