End of Year Hidden Search #05

End of Year Hidden Search #05

End of Year Hidden Search #05 For Google Apps
End of Year Hidden Search #05

Are you looking for teacher ideas for end of year? Here is a hidden word search puzzle to keep students engaged during those last few days before 'school's out for summer'! The key is to discover the 10 words hidden in the grid, circle the letters and then record the words in the space provide.

Lesson planning using this puzzle could include:
l. use puzzle for bell work
2. have students work together to solve the puzzle
3. use the list of words to create a story

Word search puzzles support students in the classroom by giving teachers a tool for both introducing new concepts as well as helping to consolidate vocabulary and spelling.

Available in downloadable printable, PDF, and google apps formats, this end of year puzzle is suitable for remote learning, hybrid classrooms (in-class and virtual learning) and in-class learning.