Cryptolist for Father's Day Puzzle

Cryptolist for Father's Day Puzzle

Here is a cryptolist puzzle to solve for Father's Day. This list of ten Father's Day words are encrypted with an alphabet code to tease the brain and have fun at the same time.

Students will know some of the vocabulary related to dads and Father's Day, while other times, they will learn something new.

To solve the puzzle, first review the list of cryptic words. Then, using knowledge of theme related words, letter patterns and word structures, use trial and error to substitute one letter for another.

Next, track the letter substitutions in the decoder chart. This avoids having to constantly check back in the list to see which letter is substituted for another.

Finally, use knowledge of spelling to fill in any blanks left.

Suitable for middle grades 6,7,8 classrooms and home schooling.