Cryptolist For Dad

Cryptolist For Dad

Father's Day cryptolist puzzle to challenge kids and dads. Puzzles engage the brain and support growth and development of transferable problem solving strategies.

One way to solve the puzzle is to use trial and error. But, often there is some strategy to that way of solving problems. For example, single letters are usually the letter /a/ or /I/. Then, using knowledge of letter patterns and word sentence structures decrypt other words surrounding known letters and/or words.

Usually the cryptogram or cryptolist is an encrypted alphabet coded message, or list of words, often related to a theme.

Too, 'best guesses' work as another problem solving tactic. For example: what 3-letter word do you know that might be related to dads, grandpas or fathers? The word might be /son/.

As letters are substituted, words become more clear, and the code is further deciphered.