Word Search Puzzle - Father's Day

Word Search Puzzle - Father's Day

This word search puzzle with the Father's Day theme engages students' learning in a fun way. To solve the word search students need to find the words listed in the word bank, below the puzzle, in the grid.

A strategy to help start to solve the puzzle is to first review the list of words. This gets the brain activated to look for recognizable patterns and words that students are familiar with. Next, know that words go vertically, horizontally and diagonally in all eight directions. What this means for the brain is that it combines known common word/letter patterns with a sense of what the words will look like when spelled in multiple directions to find its pattern in the word search grid.

Once a word is found, circle the letters in the word, or track the letter path with a straight line. This also helps students with fine motor skills, visual acuity and handwriting skills.

Here are some words that are found in the puzzle:
-pay tribute
-provide for family