Alphabetical Order-06

Alphabetical Order-06

Are you looking for teacher, parent, or caregiver activities and resources to provide fun ways to engage kids' spelling practise? Include this personal financial literacy alphabetical order puzzle to reinforce spelling and support vocabulary building. Puzzle makes learning fun and supports independent learning.

Solve the puzzle
1. review the list of words at the bottom of the page
2. rearrange the letters to reveal the list of words; record the correct spelling (note: multiple word clues may or may not show up as similarly scrambled word clues)
3. start recording the words that start with the letter |a|, then |b|, |c| and so on until all words are recorded.
4. track progress by crossing off words as they are listed in alphabetical order.

Other lesson plan activities:
1. have kids create word search puzzles using any number of blank wordsearch grids found at the link below.
2. include this puzzle in a choice board.
3. have kids scramble the letters and then give to a peer to solve.

Link to blank word search grids: blank wordsearch grids