Financial Literacy Crosspatch#05

Financial Literacy Crosspatch#05

Are you an educator looking for lesson plan activities and resources for financial literacy? Crosspatch puzzle engages critical thinking skills while helping to grow and develop vocabulary. There are no letter hints.

Solve the puzzles
l. review the list of 10 words at the bottom of the page
2. start by filling in the blanks with words having the least/greatest number of letters
3. look for intersection points of letters with the remaining words in the list and fill in the blanks with the correct words
4. continue matching intersecting letters with the remaining list of words
5. track progress by crossing out, or checking off, each word at it is recorded

Choice activity board ideas
l. have kids create word searches using the list of words to exchange with peers to solve, using one of the blank wordsearch grids found at the link below
2. use the list of words to create a poem or song
3. include puzzle in literacy and math centers

Puzzle suitable for distance, blended, and differentiated learning. Grades 3-5

LINK to blank wordsearch grids: blank wordsearch grids