Financial Literacy Crossword#04

Financial Literacy Crossword#04

Looking for educator lesson plan activities and resources for personal financial literacy? This crossword puzzle, with letter hints, supports differentiated learning and distance learning for students grades 3-5.

Solve the puzzle
l. review the across and down clues
2. solve for the easiest clues, first (usually the clues with blank lines - two lines mean two words); fill in the blank spaces with the correct answers
3. use the letter hints to provide clues to the answers; fill in the blanks with the correct answer.
4. track progress by crossing off each clue as it's solved

Choice board activity ideas
l. use the list of words from the puzzle in word searches - use link below for blank wordsearch grids
2. record the list of words in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order
3. use the list of words and create a poem, story or song

LINK to blank wordsearch grids: blank wordsearch grids