Financial Literacy Cryptolist #05

Financial Literacy Cryptolist #05

Looking for educator activities and resources to support personal financial literacy? This cryptolist engages critical thinking skills while supporting vocabulary building.

Solve the puzzles
1. review the letter patterns in each question; there are no letter hints
2. use knowledge of common letter patterns (e.g. -sh, -ce, -ing, etc) and some financial literacy words to start decoding the pattern
4. record letter substitutions in the table at the top of the page
5. make the letter substitutions in each question; as more letter patterns become apparent, record these letter substitutions
6. complete process until all words have been decoded

Puzzle supports distance learning, blended and independent learning.

Choice Board Activities
l. Engage kids' creativity by having them create word searches using blank wordsearch grids found at the link below.
2. Put the words in alphabetical order, or reverse alphabetical order.
3. Support math literacy: substitute letters for the numbers 1-26 (e.g. A=1, B=2, C=3, etc). Next, add or multiply each number in the word (e.g. CASH = 3+1+19+8=31) to arrive at a sum or a product.

LINK to blank wordsearch grids: blank wordsearch grids