Financial Literacy Jumbled Letters#04

Financial Literacy Jumbled Letters#04

Looking for teacher, parent, caregiver activities and resources for financial literacy? Here is a fun and interactive jumbled letters puzzle to activate critical thinking skills, support vocabulary building and get kids to have fun learning without them even knowing it. Suitable for kids grades 3-5, with most vocabulary specific to TEKS 3.9A - 3.9E. Great for homeschooling and as a tutoring resource.

How to Solve the Puzzle
1. activate the brain: review the list of words below the puzzle
2. creative problem solving: rearrange the letters for each question to reveal the correct spelling
3. fine motor skills: print the correct spelling on the line next to the word
4. feedback: track progress by crossing off the word, or putting a check mark beside it

Lesson plan activity ideas
1. ignite creativity: have kids create own word search puzzles using any number of grids found at the link below
2. organize information: put the words in alphabetical order
3. recording/research skills: record definitions for each word

Link to blank word search grids found here: Word Search Grid