Financial Literacy Wordmaze Scrambled#01

Financial Literacy Wordmaze Scrambled#01

Are you looking for challenging educator lesson plan activities and resources to support financial literacy programming? Here is a fun, interactive and challenging 15 word wordmaze puzzle. Suits students grades 3-5. Vocabulary taken from TEKS math 3.9A, 3.9B, 3.9C, 3.9D, 3.9E and other related financial literacy resources.

Solve the scrambled letters word maze puzzle
l. rearrange the letters to reveal the words hidden in the grid; print the correct spelling
2. review the list of words in the word bank
3. locate the start bubble, |s|, and then trace each letter path
4. word paths travel up, down, right, and left; letter paths do not cross
5. continue to draw the letter paths, in one continuous line, until the last letter of the last word is reached
6. track progress by crossing off each word clue as it is found

Choice board activity ideas
l. use the puzzle as a daily language puzzle, morning word work and to build vocabulary
2. integrate the list of words into other curricular areas: Art; Health; Social Studies; Science
3. ignite student creativity by having them create puzzles of their choosing: word searches, crosswords, cryptolists, freeform and crosspatch puzzles