July 4th Hidden Word Search-06

July 4th Hidden Word Search-06

July 4th Hidden Word Search-06 For Google Apps
July 4th Hidden Word Search-06

Here is a Fourth of July hidden words word search puzzle for teachers to use as a learning activity. Students solve the puzzle by first locating the hidden words in the grid. The extra challenge with this puzzle is that students need to draw upon prior knowledge of July 4th related words.

Available in both PDF and Google apps versions this word search puzzle supports distance, hybrid and in-person classroom. Puzzle also supports homeschooling and tutoring.

Solve the puzzle
-locate the 20 words hidden in the grid
-trace the letter paths
-letter paths travel horizontally, vertically and diagonally in all 8 directions
-record the words in the space below the grid

Puzzle resource activity ideas:
l. brainstorm a list of words related to July 4th
2. have students work collaboratively to solve the puzzle
3. print the words in alphabetical or reverse alphabetical order
4. use the words in sentences
5. create a newspaper report using the 5-Ws and How questions

Brain teaser puzzles support curriculum programming.