July 4th Hidden Word Search-07

July 4th Hidden Word Search-07

July 4th Hidden Word Search-07 For Google Apps
July 4th Hidden Word Search-07

Are you an educator looking for resources and lesson plan ideas for Fourth of July? Here is a hidden words word search puzzle that supports many areas of programming.

l. helps create a cooperative and collaborative learning environment
2. provides additional challenges to early finishers, as they require a base knowledge of vocabulary before locating words hidden in the grid
3. supports independent learners
4. complexity of the puzzle activates problem solving strategies
5. word search puzzles engage the brain, support visual acuity and fine motor skill development

Solve the puzzle
-locate the 20 words hidden in the grid
-trace the letter paths
-letter paths travel horizontally, vertically and diagonally in all 8 directions
-record the words in the space below the grid

Augment ongoing curriculum programming by including word search, and other brain teaser, puzzles into your lesson plans.

Available in both PDF and Google apps versions, this word search puzzle supports distance, hybrid and in-person classroom. Puzzle also supports homeschooling and tutoring.